for Parents

Is there anything worse than seeing your child struggling and feeling like there is nothing you can do to help? 

Parenting young children can be a delicate balance between encouraging independence and creativity, and instilling good values, citizenship and kindness to others. Young children find it hard to express themselves verbally and this can create conflict with family and friends.

Being the parent of a teenager can be one of the most challenging roles of our lives. Many teens start to alienate their parents in an effort to live their lives independently of their families. Parents may lose the communication they once had with their child and worry about the decisions their children are making when they are not around. 

Parenting young adults can be difficult as parents may be letting go of a child that has moved out, or trying to encourage a child who is not quite ready to leave the nest. This stage of parenting is challenging for many because while your child is legally an adult, they may not have reached the level of maturity to be completely independent. 

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For Children

I work with kids by communicating with them therapeutically through the language of play. Sounds silly right? Well sometimes it is! I work with children using non-directive play therapy where children can express themselves and their concerns through their own special language. Just as talk therapy works for adults by allowing them to work out their concerns with a trained professional, play therapy does the same for children.

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For Teenagers

Many of us report that our teenage years included some of the most difficult transitions of our lives. In today's technological world there is no escape from some of the stresses of being a young person. Today's teens can no longer escape social pressure, bullying, or harassment when they leave school or social settings. Today's teens are bombarded 24/7 by pressures their parents may have experienced occasionally. This pressure can create a turbulent parent-child relationship and manifest into psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relationship issues, risky behaviour, self-harm and even suicide. I work with teens to support them through these issues by creating a safe space where they can express and work through what is going on for them.

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For Young Adults

In the transition between child and adulthood, not quite a teenager anymore, but also not seen as fully grown up, this life transition can be challenging for many young people. They face the pressures of feeling like they have to have it all figured out while still discovering what "figured out" means to them. Additionally they may still be dealing with issues that developed in adolescents, and the stress of starting post secondary education, living independently or entering the workforce can magnify these issues.

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